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White Papers are published by Cicero's to provide property owners and managers with guidance and detailed information on the renovation of their properties and the various methodologies used by our project management team that ensure  a renovation delivered on-time, on-budget and ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Project Delivery Systems and the Valued Partners of the Renovation Team

There are various project delivery systems commonly used in today’s construction renovation projects, Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management and Design-Build. This white paper helps the owner examines the pros and cons of each in order to determine which system works best for certain considerations such as project goals, costs to perform, timeline and risk management.

Understanding Contractor Performance Measures

When selecting renovation contractors, many property owners’ and managers’ decisions are based solely on the bottom line. In short, the lowest price bidder wins. This white paper helps owners appreciate the many value-added, non-financial advantages that a talented contractor brings to the project.

Ten Major Concerns of Commercial Property Owners About Their Renovation Projects

Commercial property owners, managers and plant engineers have several concerns when they first contemplate any type of renovation or property reposition, no matter how major or minor. Cicero’s Development has compiled a list of the “top 10 concerns” that they have been asked consistently, over their long history, spanning almost 5 decades of commercial property renovation.

Ten Major Concerns of Hotel Owners About Their Renovation Projects

Hotel Management magazine published this guide for hotel owners and managers as they first contemplate any type of renovation or repositioning.. Cicero’s Development compiled the list of the “Top 10 Concerns” that it has been asked over and over again during its long history of hotel property renovations. Included in the white paper are comments from hotel owners and managers, such as Wyndham, FelCor and Thayer Lodging, on how Cicero's helped them overcome issues and succeed.

Should I Stay or Should I go? The Pro’s and Con’s of Keeping a Hotel Open During Renovations

While renovations are a critical part of ensuring a hotel continues to be a popular destination for travelers, it's no secret that they can be highly disruptive to business. Avoiding this disruption may come down to a single question: “Should we keep the hotel open during the renovation or should we close?” The correct answer balances the hotel’s ongoing need for cash flow with the objectives of its renovation.

How Cicero's Builds Value Engineering into Every Renovation

The value engineering process is a systematic approach that engages a team from multi-disciplines, including the owner, architect/engineer, designer, contractor and sometimes an outside consultant, who review a project in an attempt to

expose optimum value both short term and long term. Find out how a well-planned and well-executed value-engineering renovation can improve a project without sacrificing its essential integrity.

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