You have questions about renovating your hotel... we have answers.


As a hotel owner, you have very real concerns about funding, planning and completing your next major property renovation. How much will it cost? How can I create a timeline? What needs to be done to maximize my ROI? 


Cicero's has been renovating hotels for nearly half a century so we are familiar with hotel owner's concerns... and how to meet them professionally, on-time and on-budget. Below are two questions we hear often. Enter your email to receive a free copy of the complete "Top Ten Concerns" white paper with all ten answers. It is an invaluable tool for proactive hotel owners who want to build their profits in 2016!

#1: How will renovating my hotel increase its revenue?
  • Renovation and modernization retains repeat guests and attracts new guests as well as group business.

  • Guests expect a clean safe environment with proper lighting and is in compliance with current regulations and brand standards.

  • In today’s social media environment, a renovation improves ever so important online ratings with positive client feed-back.

  • Helps improve stability of property by complying with new governmental regulations and standards.

  • Creates higher resale value of the property.

#2: What repairs and upgrades are necessary to give owners their best return on investment?

Start with improving the visual appearance of:

  • Main guest entry areas

  • Drive up exterior areas

  • Lobby and reception areas

  • Common areas on 1st floor

  • Meeting spaces

  • Breakfast and eating areas

  • Public restrooms

  • Business Center

  • Fitness Center

  • Corridors

  • Guestrooms and bathrooms.

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