Construction Project Manager: Responsibilities and Effective Management Tips

November 13, 2019



More than a hundred people work on a commercial building project in order to complete it on time. Managing this great number of people and ensuring ultimate construction goals are accomplished are the primary responsibilities of a construction project manager. He/she oversees and leads projects from beginning to end and directly answers to the demands of clients.


What are the standard roles of a construction project manager?

While the tasks of a project manager depend on the type of project he/she is working on, the following roles are standard for such a position:


  • Checking on individual contractors and subcontractors and ensuring quality in all aspects of the construction work.

  • Being constantly on top of costs, preventing excessive project expenses.

  • Identifying and eliminating potential job site hazards and ensuring everyone’s safety on site.

  • Keeping track of work accomplishments and making sure every provision of the signed contract is met satisfactorily.


How to be an efficient construction project manager?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner in the industry, you can always use some help. Below are several tips to help you get the building project done efficiently and on time.


Plan everything.

Be prepared at all times. You should have everything planned out before the actual construction project begins including the pre-construction, design and actual work stages. However, you also need to be open to revisions or adjustments for the betterment of the project. 


Be knowledgeable of all aspects of the construction job. 

As a project manager, you are expected to be an expert in all aspects of the construction job. You need to be familiar with standard building codes and the latest construction practices including green building designs. Rich knowledge in building construction can be obtained through proper training and education as well as years of professional work experience.


Communicate with the team accordingly.

Being a good communicator is a requirement for a lead position in any field of work. As the head of the construction team, you need to communicate openly with confidence and respect. Talking to everyone on the job site and listening and understanding their concerns or suggestions help build strong relationships. This avoids disputes among members of the team that cause project delays. 


Know your priorities.

Staying on top of things means knowing your daily work priorities. Determine what are the tasks that need to be done first and what follows. You need to set goals for the team and work on them together including providing a realistic project completion date.


Understand the cost of construction.

You can’t just buy anything with your project budget. You need to be informed first with the cost of materials, equipment, people, and the whole process. It’s best to find a reliable company to supply your commercial building project with quality yet affordable materials.


Prioritizing fire-safety in buildings

Fire outbreaks bring great damage to people and properties. However, this can be prevented by equipping buildings with proper fire-safety devices. As a builder, your clients count on you to provide effective solutions to potential fire threats in their properties. Consider the installation of fire extinguishers.


Fire extinguishers are a relevant part of the building fire safety plan. They help control fire and aid in the safe evacuation of building occupants. However, to maintain the functional condition of a fire extinguisher, they need to be kept in safe storage. Enclosing them in a fire extinguisher box will not only preserve their quality condition but also answers to interior decor worries. Equip your commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings with fire extinguishers, order from a reputable company now!


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