Maximize Hotel Renovation with Online Marketing

March 11, 2019


After the dust settles, and the hotel renovation is complete, it is important to channel the excitement so new guests give your hotel a second look, and current customers have a fresh excuse to book a return visit.


Cicero’s Development Corp, one of the country’s leading renovation contractors for the hospitality industry, recognizes a hotel renovation presents a terrific marketing opportunity. Located outside Chicago, the company has performed hundreds of hotel renovations across the country since 1970 for both large and small properties. To help hotel owners shout their good news from the top of every mountain, Cicero’s advises them to check off the following digital post-renovation list:


1. Once the renovation is complete, remove “in-progress” renovation messaging and photos from your website and 3rd party Online Travel Agencies (OTA).

2. Show, don’t tell. Hire a professional photographer and upload new photos to your website, social media, Google Local/Places and OTAs, along with fresh descriptions of your rooms, lobby and other areas that were renovated. Instagram is great for before and after pictures.

3. Create a central hub on your website where you can showcase the completed renovation work. This can be a separate landing page or a section of the hotel’s photo gallery.

4. Put Reminder Review Cards in all renovated rooms to make a personal connection and ask for OTA reviews from guests.

5. Over 90% of guests read reviews before they buy a room at your hotel, so remove negative reviews on TripAdvisor that were posted before or during the renovation by submitting a request through the TripAdvisor management center.

6. If you have a mobile app, use its interactive elements so that guests can continue to be part of the conversation, such as live streaming the grand reopening or a Google 360° tour.

7. Install digital signage at the front desk displaying photos of the renovation’s progress from start to finish. Timelapse video gives guests an appreciation of the work done.

8. Distribute an online press release(s) to the media, both local and nationally, emphasizing what’s new at your hotel. Do you have a unique hook? Have you made environmentally friendly enhancements? Did you protect historical elements? Showcase that hook and how the property is worth the public’s attention.


Smart marketing of your hotel renovation will maximize the value of the investment. Use these tips as an opportunity to reframe your hotel’s story to continue to attract new visitors for years to come.


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