Five Signs It Is Time to Remodel Your Office

March 7, 2018


Office remodeling is an expense that is typically ignored by companies until it becomes a glaring necessity. As a result, a business may end up spending more money on the project than they initially budgeted, while losing more productive work time because the remodel goes from days to weeks to complete. To help businesses recognize the signs that it is time to renovate, Cicero's Development Corp., a general contractor specializing in commercial renovations, offers this list to get it done on time and on budget.

  1. Outdated, Deteriorating Appearance
    The most obvious sign your office needs a renovation is deterioration. Does it have an antiquated, old-fashioned and outdated feel? When you look at the office walls do you notice unsightly paint fading or chipping, or is the flooring showing noticeable wear in high-traffic areas. If the furniture around the space looks shabby, tired and old, that’s another warning signal.

  2. No Client Meetings 
    Are you ashamed to hold client meetings in your office? That's a clear sign that you recognize that the client will be unimpressed by the environment... and that a renovation is long overdue. Your workspace should not be an embarrassment — it should be something you are proud to show off.

  3. Not Reflecting the Brand Image 
    A workplace should reflect your brand, reflecting your commitment to quality, contemporary style and technical savvy. As soon as a person enters your office, he or she should identify and connect with the brand's culture. For instance, if you are offering advertising services, your office should be a casual, eclectic space that encourages creative thinking and the exchange of free-flowing ideas. It will ensure that employees and clients are inspired by the environment to achieve good work. 

  4. Doesn't attract new employees 
    Are you having trouble attracting new employees? Look honestly and carefully at your office. When potential new employees come into your office, the interiors and the space management should leave them in awe. Are they? A well-designed office is the key to attracting all sorts of stakeholders, especially new employees. 

  5. Lack of Communication 
    Finally, a sure sign of an aging workspace is a lack of communication between employees and departments. An open, efficient space lets employees enjoy seamless interaction with one another. If the workspace is not laid out correctly, time is wasted going from one cube to the next, and then coming back again — time that could otherwise have been invested in doing productive tasks. Inefficiency can be disastrous to workplace productivity. It can be disastrous to employee morale as well.

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