Pre-qualification of a general contractor

February 15, 2016

Pre‐qualification of contractors is a common practice across projects, yet the investigation on the ability of the selected contractors in successful delivery of projects is not widespread.


While construction industry practices are reasonably well developed, construction projects still witness widespread failures of many contractors due to varied reasons such as financial problems, poor management, over‐commitment and or conflicts and disputes associated with construction activities.


Of all of the pre-qualification criteria utilized by owners an analysis revealed that the top seven criteria for a selection model are: (1) soundness of business and workforce; (2) planning and control; (3) quality management; (4) past performance; (5) risk management; (6) organizational capability; and (7) commitment and dedication.


Again, the analysis revealed that; technical expertise, past success, time in business, work methods and working capital significantly impact on a contractors’ performance across time, cost and quality success.



A clear understanding of a contractor’s performance, utilizing these findings will contribute to the development of a company’s procedures and/or enhance existing knowledge in relation to the pre‐qualification practices in contractor selection for future projects.


Let Cicero’s Development Corporation show you how we fit with-in the top seven criteria!









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