How to Build Your Next Successful Renovation Project

August 4, 2015


Renovation projects are complex by their very nature. Each project usually contains several unique challenges whether it be an office, senior housing, hotel or restaurant. Project proposals must identify precise goals and solutions along with an aggressive disciplined schedule to achieve a successful outcome. 


Utilizing more than four decades of dedication to the renovation process has enabled Cicero's Development to establish and test unique processes, as well as enabled us to consistently complete all of our renovation projects on-time, on-budget with a high level of client satisfaction.


Team Development with Consistent Communications are two key elements, often overlooked, in this complex undertaking. It's important for everyone on the team to share all of the same project goals, design intent, budget and time line, early on in the process and share the same clear vision to move forward successfully.


Scope Development, another key factor with all of its written assumptions, clarifications and exclusions, ensures that each team member understands and agrees on the objectives, essential elements and deliverables of the project. Once the scope has been determined, understood and agreed upon, the risk of confusion and miscommunication throughout the project can be substantially reduced. This process oftentimes is revised throughout the project. Differences between a client's expectations and the project team's designs develop as a project proceeds. As a result, meeting the client's desires may not be well defined by the initially specified scope of the project. The expectations of both the client and project team should be realigned and integrated throughout the entire project. 


Proper Project Scheduling is another of the key factors. By developing a realistic schedule with milestone points, the team knows in advance each facet of the job from beginning to completion and exactly where and how the elements fit together from initiation to close-out and additionally, how they impact the project. This process is essential for all parties to understand what area(s) must be shut down and for what period of time. All subcontractors need to be properly scheduled and materials ordered in enough time so that the project schedule is maintained. 


Also, a fall back/recovery plan must be developed during Risk Management Planning for those "just in case" situations that may occur at key milestone points. Doing this will greatly reduce impact to cost and time, should it occur during the execution phase.This is of great value to help ensure the owner and lender's comfort level.


Budgeting often runs in lock step with scheduling. Once deliverables have been established, we are able to identify the resources and honest budget needed to produce those deliverables. This encompasses the proper people, equipment and materials necessary for your project. Depending on whether or not there are changes to the scope or the schedule, this process too can be revised throughout the project.


Communication and feedback is maintained throughout the project. That's why it's critical that each phase of the project is documented and communicated with the entire project team by providing status updates in a timely fashion. We hold daily team meetings, schedule regular customer presentations, provide status reports and share an online system for real-time reporting to designated team members. As we mentioned earlier, consistent communication and feedback are critical to keep your renovation project on-time and on-budget.


Building a successful renovation project is a systematic coordinated, step-by-step process and runs parallel with other processes in order to accomplish the project goals and vision. Breaking down and carefully analyzing these processes is what helps to ensure a completely successful renovation outcome. This is why we created and trademarked our Renovationomix® program. Look it up on the internet and you will find us there.

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