Project planning: It's how Cicero's makes every renovation a success

May 26, 2015

Behind every Cicero's project is a detailed schedule where we've explored best practices and options to avoid the common pitfalls that creep into large-scale renovations. Because our planners are well trained and experienced, they carefully construct each project in a way that is logical in both organization and in timing. The end-results are designed to exceed our customers' expectations.


First off, we know how costly and time-consuming ill conceived decisions made during estimating or very early in the project planning stages can be. That is why we are always asking "what if" at every stage in the project. We do not assume everything that's been done before is 100% accurate. Instead we involve our entire team into the scheduling process so that nothing -- not even the smallest of details -- is overlooked. 


Another key to Cicero's planning success is the accurate description of construction activities. Each task or activity is described in language that is easily understood by installers, the building owner, and everyone else on the team, and is referenced to associated tasks before and afterwards. For example, something as simple as a type of bathroom fixture is named by brand and any critical aspects of its installation is explained in detail to tell the full story of what needs to be done.


Finally, our project management team spends more "up-front' time working with hotel brands and their designers to understand what they are trying to achieve. In many cases, we need to find cost effective alternatives while maintaining the integrity of the intended final product for owners. The submittal process is very important;  making decisions in a timely manner is key. Keeping things moving quickly helps projects stay on-time and on-budget.




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