What’s Trending in the Senior Housing Community

August 14, 2014

During a recent senior housing conference that I attended sponsored by Illinois Real Estate Journal, there was much information to absorb with regards to current trends within this industry. In recent years the industry has begun to pull away from the institutional-type concept into a family style model. Also, different levels of care have become better segmented to incorporate independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. The importance of utilizing some component of memory care within the assisted living element has also been recognized as a necessity moving forward.


Driven by Federal and Private insurance, long gone are the days when patients received all of their post-acute care at hospitals. Skilled nursing is now provided by most senior homes so that patients are able to transition more easily into their day-to-day activities after receiving acute care at the hospital. Furthermore, many skilled care patients are transported directly from the hospital to a skilled nursing facility.


Another observation is that consumers are no longer looking for the “big industry” operators but are choosing the independent/regional operators when selecting their home. The reason most cited is the personal care that consumers feel they receive from a smaller organization as opposed to a much larger one.


Regardless of what’s trending relating to statistics and logistics within the senior housing industry, the take-away from this conference seemed to be a common theme, and that was the importance of providing nothing but the best for our eldersresiding in these communities so that lives can be lived with fulfillment and dignity.


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