Renovationomix® (ren • o • va • tion • om • ix)


Renovationomix® is our systematic and coordinated method of renovation comprised of several key elements that ensure owners of an on-time, on budget project completion plus the best value for their investment. It is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques we have developed over 45 years that not only meets project requirements, but brings about added asset appreciation and long-term success for the owner.


Renovationomix® is comprised of several of these key elements including:


  • $ensible Green®: An important element of every renovation Cicero's conducts, Sensible Green® helps owners increase revenue and decrease utility bills while protecting the environment and uncovering valuable utility rebates, tax breaks and government grants that reward owners for being good stewards of the environment. 

  • Professional Project Management Process: Cicero’s PPMP program works in conjunction with the design professionals and the property owners' project and operational staff while monitoring the contract documents for Value, Constructability, Schedule and Cost. PPMP incorporates all of the documentation and submits it for the owner’s approval as an integrated documentation and reporting set of forms.

  • Disruption Avoidance Management: Delays will sidetrack any renovation, costing owners money and time. Our Disruption Avoidance Management program is designed to identify and prevent disruptions before they happen, manage them efficiently if they do, and work with the owner to maximize cash-flow during every step of the renovation process.

  • Cost Segregation: An added value program that Cicero’s brings to its clients, Cost Segregation enables owners to increase money available for the renovation project by utilizing available, accelerated tax benefits. 


Implementing Renovationomix® improves overall project delivery, reduces risks that impact budget and schedule, and provides ongoing project review and status updates, while minimizing disruptions to the owner's staff and guests.

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