$ensible Green® Renovation


Plumbing, lighting and HVAC are major expenses for every commercial building. That's why we created $ensible Green®, our patented service for reducing utility bills. $ensible Green® is incorporated into every renovation we undertake to improve a building's ROI from day one. In addition, we identify valuable utility rebates, tax breaks and government grants that reward owners for being good stewards of the environment.


Our goal is to answer the question "how can green help my business?" We provide real-life, actionable information collected through life-cycle cost analysis that shows precisely how green product sourcing -- such as deploying LED lighting, low-flow showers, dual-flush toilets, EnergyStar® systems, and faucet aerators-- will reduce your utility costs compared to traditional products.


Internal Business Advantages

  • reduce operating costs by 15-30 percent or more

  • minimize waste during renovation

  • increase customer experience by promoting shopping or staying  in a "green building"

  • drive new business by attracting guests who want to stay in a "green hotel"



External Benefits

  • Going green may improve relations with the local government that can help expedite permitting, permit fee rebates, achieve bonuses and receive property tax subsidies

  • Many states and federal agencies have government issued mandates requiring employees traveling on business to stay in green hotels.


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